Health Safety & Environment


Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) performance at Wave Energy is a key element for our business success in operational excellence and meeting client expectations. We fully understand that our reputation and safety implementation are valued by our clients and can be a major differentiator in contract awards. Wave Energy have adopted a corporate-wide approach using a performance-based HSE system that maximizes empowerment in our business units, with vision and governance at our enterprise level.

HSE Objective

Encourage the active participation of all employees in the control of health, safety and environmental conservation. This will be done through the provision of planning, leadership, effective communications and training

  • Ensure that potential health, safety and environmental risks associated with all our activities are identified and assessed as early as practicable to minimize the risk.
  • The ultimate aim is to reduce the occurrence of accidents as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Comply with the requirements of appropriate regulations and international codes of practice.
  • Take appropriate actions to safeguard people, the environment, and assets.
  • Solicit and ensure the active participation of suppliers and sub-contractors as necessary to promote the policy.
  • Regularly review performance and to continuously improve effective health, safety and environmental management systems and standards to reflect best industry practice.
  • To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals

HSE Principals

Our fundamental priority is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and the general public. We uphold these values the same way we ensure the quality of our work: by implementing key controls and performance indicators through every phase of our projects. Wave Energy uses six principles to guide Value for safety through which OST achieve controlled HSE.

  • Safety is about leadership and leadership isn't about what's in your title: It's about what is in your character. We will always strive to get better
  • When we fall short in our expectations, we'll find out why. When we succeed, we'll find how to reproduce that success elsewhere.
  • We will not compromise even in the face of great pressure on the time and discipline it takes to properly plan and execute our work in the safest way practical
  • Stopping unsafe work isn't a right given to us by someone else. Stopping unsafe work is an obligation that we hold ourselves and each other to
  • Production done in the absence of safety will not be valued or rewarded. Period.
  • Great safety isn't just about policies and procedures. Great safety is about openness, honesty, involvement, communication and caring for one another.