The Wave Energy DMCC has welldocumented and fully implemented policies for Quality Assurance and Quality Control, managed by the Quality Manager and a team of Quality Engineers. We are ISO 9001 compliant quality system and soon would be a certified ISO 9001 company.

All Quality Assurance and Quality Control Policies and Procedures are being followed by all employees and by suppliers/sub-contractors. Documentation is required at all stages to ensure full records are maintained.

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems provide protection for our clients:

  • Prevent nonconformity of construction materials and equipment at all stages, from production to site installation

  • Maintain the quality agreed with the client

  • Ensure the project conforms to the agreed design

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance plans are prepared for all aspects of each project. Plans are based on the standard library and are adapted to suit each project. The plan includes provision for the coordination of procedures and details of the responsibilities of all parties involved at the engineering, procurement, construction and commission stages.

    The plan covers all critical activities and includes, but is not limited to:

  • The company and project organization

  • The sequence and responsibilities for production of documentation for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning

  • Verification of vendors

  • Codes, standards and procedures to be used

  • Adherence to schedule

  • Points where formal approvals must be obtained prior to proceeding

  • Traceability of materials

  • Conformity verification

  • Internal and sub-contractor audits
  • Quality Control

    Quality Control inspection and testing is project specific. Incoming material and equipment is not released for site installation until verification is completed. Final inspection and testing of materials and equipment is carried out in accordance with the agreed procedure. OurQuality Assurance and Quality Control System ensured comprehensive records are maintained and records are presented to support the inspection. Where contractually agreed, the client or his representative will have the Quality Assurance and Quality Control records available for evaluation for an agreed period of time.

    Wave Energy's management is dedicated to improve the Quality Assurance and Control system. This includes innovative trainings, advance data analysis using statistical techniques as well as kaizen and six sigma methodology. The practices are the building blocks of Wave Energy success.